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Wednesday the 12th of July 2006

8:53 AM

Moving the Blog

I have moved my web blog to the following address:


Hope to see you all there!!


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Tuesday the 4th of July 2006

9:40 AM

Happy Independence Day!

Just wanted to pop in and say Happy 4th of July to all. 

I have decided to commence back to blogging starting in August.  By that time I will have submitted a writing contest assignment that I am working on and will have time to blog again.

Unfortunately, my blog seems to have self-destructed and hopefully I can fix it by then.


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Friday the 19th of May 2006

1:12 PM

Going on Hiatus

I have decided to put this blog on hiatus temporarily due to a desire to start getting some of my writing projects underway and out for possible publishing as well as home projects that I have started but not finished.

I will be back when I get a better handle on it all!!

Bye for now, all!


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Sunday the 7th of May 2006

1:28 PM

Happy Birthday! Another one.....

Late April / Early May is chock full of birthdays in my family.  It starts with my niece, Sarah on April 30, then her sister, Tracy on May 2.  My mother's follows on May 4th and then my youngest son's on May 6th.  When my grandfather was alive, his was on the 8th of May.  Somewhere else in May, a friend of mine has a birthday as well as a friend of my husband's.  Then there is the birthday of the youngest of my husband's grown kid. 

Yesterday we celebrated my youngest son's birthday with a party at home.  He invited a few of his friends and his cousin, Tracy was on hand.  It was raining, so the kids were most confined in the house, but they still braved a game outside when it was down to a sprinkle.  They also got their groove on to music on our Directv.  We stuffed ourselves on Dano's pizza and cake.  My son says it was one of the best birthday's he ever had....it might have something to do with the Schwin Stingray he got.....

Happy Birthday, my young man....already 9 fast years.

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Thursday the 4th of May 2006

4:27 PM

Spring Flowers

First, let's start off with a Happy Birthday to my mother.  Hope you have a great day!


Just thought I would share some photos I have taken of various flowers.  I have to say that my digital has a great macro setting.

Pink Hyacinths from my flower garden

Bluets in my front yard.  

I always love these delicate flowers, but once we cut the grass for the first time, they are gone...so I have them now forever in photos.

Red Trillium - Greenwood Falls

I took this on a picnic we had up at Greenwood Falls in the Adirondacks.  Kenny and I got married there in 2000, so it is a favorite spot of mine.  I was so excited to find this (I was using an Adirondack Nature Guide) and ran over to tell my husband.  That was when he chuckled and said "You found a Stinkpot!"  Oh well, it's a pretty looking flower.....

Baby Buckeye Tree

This isn't so much a flower, but I can't help but post it.  It is our three year old buckeye tree.  If anyone is familiar with the Flower Memorial Library, as you are facing it, at the right front corner is a large, old buckeye tree. Here's a photo of it. It's the larger on in the front (not the best photo, sorry)......

Well, a few years ago I pick up a few of the buckeyes to plant in my yard and to keep for good luck.  Out of the three I planted, one came up and it looks great.  Last year it had a run in with tent caterpillars so hopefully it will keep it's leaves this year. 

It's cute, no?

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